Monday, September 22, 2008

Lakota, Kota for short, was adopted at SAD SAC (Save a Dog, Save a Cat) just about a year ago. He was the last of the litter, and no one wanted him. We think its because of his mustache. We decided to foster him and within a day, we decided to keep him. He suffers from separation anxiety still to this day. When my wife leaves the room for an extended period of time, he calls out to her with a meow that sounds like "Mom!"

Chad was adopted from a video store just after the 2000 election here in the US. We named him Chad after the whole Hanging Chad debate.

He is the alpha of the house and lets it be known. Where ever you want to sit, he wants to sit. He loves having a lint roller rolled on his neck and face, and has a bad habit of finding adhesive tape to lick.

Tink has been with my wife longer than I have, over 12 years. She is petite, and a princess and she knows it.
She also has a loose lens in one of her eyes that makes it look like a marble. She is often picked on by the boys, be does her best to stand her ground.
Going outside is a treat for her, and when she is returned to the indoors, she yells to go back outside. Like I said, a princess.

My wife and I frequent many of the preserves and sanctuaries in the South Florida area, including some wetlands, the Panther Ridge Sanctuary, The Loggerhead Marinelife center, and the Busch wildlife center. You can see some photos on my blog or on my Flickr page listed below.

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