Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All Kiva Team Members of Animal Lovers

This blog is for anyone who is a member of the team Animal Lovers. Please feel free to use this site to upload photos of your animals along with information and stories realting to them.
In order to access this feature, you will need to send me your e-mail and I will reply giving you permission to write in this blog.

Have Fun



DonellaJKS said...

My husband and I have 2 dogs, Dharma and Deacon. They are both boxer mixes. Dharma looks like one, being a brindle female at 73 lbs. She is 5 years old. But Deacon looks for all the world like a black lab, tho his mother was a boxer. He is 80+ lbs at 10 months old.

it says we can use "some" html tags... I don't know if we can add images or not. and not sure if we can add links. if so... I'll post a pic later, or add a link to their Dogster pages. ;D

oh and btw, the word verification is a pain! I should probably click handicapped, as often as I get them wrong. :-/

DonellaJKS said...

My husband and I have 2 dogs, both boxer mixes, Dharma and Deacon. Dharma is 5 years old, 73 lbs and a female brindle. Deacon however looks almost entirely like a black lab! He is 10 months old, and over 80 lbs already!

ok... I tried to post an image and it wouldn't accept images... hmmm.

how about links?

Dharma's Dogster Page

Deacon's Dogster Page

ok, links work... don't know why img tags don't.

DonellaJKS said...

also, the pic on the front page of this blog made me think of my deceased guinea pig, Wizzer. I have a pic of him with my OTHER, also deceased boxer/rott mix dog Dodger:

Dodger and Wizzer photo

Moonfish said...

If you'd like to post here instead of just leaving a comment - send me your e-mail address so that I can allow you to post and upload photos.


DonellaJKS said...

that's ok... I had already sent you my e-mail once. you may remember or not. and you questioned WHY, and I quoted the messaged on this website, saying to send you the e-mail!?! and you replied to that e-mail as well. so...

anyway... I posted and the links work, so that's fine. where are your other posters!?!

Dan Bodenstein said...

My wife and I have 4 cats, 2 were adopted from "Save a dog, Save a Cat" because no one wanted them.
Mauli - is a femail who was probably abused, as she does not like human contact.
Lakota (Kota for short) has half a black mustache and we think people did not want him because of it, their loss. He is my pal, and a riot!
We have 2 other, Chadwick bin Rotten (Chadwick), and Tink.

We both love animals, and I recently started a photography blog to augment my flickr account. www.Naturocity.com and www.flickr.com/photos/gecko68

Glad to be here, glad to help out.