Monday, October 6, 2008

The Contest - World’s Largest Zoo (and no one loses)

So far, I have received a request from 2 persons who want to take part in the contest. Where are the rest of you - I need at least 5 people - would prefer 10.

Everyone who participates will receive something just for taking part.

I am looking at having the contest in 2 phases.
Phase One - those playing will be sent a Visitor’s Pass and get a list of all animals in the zoo. By following the clues, they will be able to whittle the list down to about 50 animals.
Then comes Phase Two - the animals that are left will be all given a name (without saying what species they are - this protects those who followed the first set of clues correctly) and again, follow the clues to find the one who talks.
This is a semi-ambitious project and anyone who would like to offer a suggestion is most welcome to e-mail me.

I know it will be fun for me to do it up and believe it will be fun for others as well. The prizes (depending on how many sign-up) will be:

1st Prize - 2 (not 1 as before) chances to tell me what type of loans you want funded (minor restrictions will apply).
2nd Prize - same as above but 1 chance
3rd, 4th and 5th - a chance to win 10 % on a specific Canada 6/49 Lotto ticket which I will buy.

All participants (including prize winners) will get 5 % of any winnings I get on a specific Super 7 Lotto ticket which I will buy.

These 2 lottos here in Canada always have a jackpot in excess of $1 Million so don’t pooh pooh the 5 % offering - 5 % of a million is $50,000 - not shabby.

Oh, and by the way, there is no entry fee.

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