Friday, October 10, 2008

Exciting Things Ahead for This Team and This Blog

Things have greatly improved - our Kiva team is doing really well and this blog is getting better each day. Some of the things we have achieved:

Our team is one to be reckoned with - we have lent almost $17,000 to Kiva and that is a good thing. Because Kiva has introduced a Team System, by it’s very human nature, that makes a competitive environment and as long as it's friendly, everyone can benefit.

We have some nice music videos with photos of animals here. See the previous post for wolves and dolphins.

We have linked to Naturocity and there you will find some heart-warming animal stories.

There was a chance to win some money on a Canada Super 7 ticket - 3 people have a chance to win some major money tonight - Good Luck !!!

Did you know you can have your own pet photos posted here and heck, we’ll even let you brag about them … a little. Just send me the photo and the write-up and I’ll post it or you can ask me for the ability to post directly yourself.

And we hope to run our Zoo Contest which will have some neat small prizes for everyone. Again, see a previous posts.

We expect more improvements as the weeks go by.

I would suggest, if you find this blog interesting and would like to be aware of all that goes on here - you might want to use the “Follow this Blog” option found on the right hand-side of this page. Or bookmark us. Because all members of our Kiva team may not be interested in what goes on here at this blog, you can’t rely on being notified by our Team Messages. The best way not to miss anything is to follow this blog. And we hope you do.

Have a Great Weekend !!!

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