Thursday, October 2, 2008

Update, Important Information and a Funny Video

Jane and I were away to Prince Edward Island for 3 days and what a change - 116 members who have made 487 loans totalling $13,375.00.

A special thanks to Dan Bodenstein who is matching me dollar for dollar on the SPCA donations that I am giving. Not only that, but whatever that total becomes, he will also give to the ASPCA. I am very glad to be associated with him and if you have yet to look at the beautiful animal photos he has taken, you will find them at

If you sometimes notice that you get duplicate team messages, it is not the fault of the sender - it appears to be a glich in the Kiva system so please bear that in mind. Also, if anyone has specific questions, please e-mail me separately at I don’t think this will be a problem anymore, but we did have one member here who was abusing the team (the woof woof message) - so God forbid, if anyone feels abused by anyone, please save your files and contact me and I will review the complaint. That member has been deleted from the team. That’s the only problem I have had and I am really glad that the team has grown as well as it has and that we have made a positive impact to Kiva.

There seems to be around 230 loans available at the moment but fear, as is common place these days, that once these loans are funded - we will be back to scrambling to fund the few loans that will be available. We just need to be patient till all the credit that Kiva released is used up. I anticipate that to be around the beginning of next year.

Here’s the funny video that I found at Kiva Friends:
That’s all for now … Thanks.

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